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Listening, observing and analyzing our customers’ needs, introducing the “Total Hygiene Solution” with innovative and diversified products and services to satisfy our different customers’ needs

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Franco Lam

Dorothy Lam

We introduced our first service of “restroom hygiene service” to the market since 1998 and up till now, over 40 innovative hygiene services and products have been introduced and become a true “total hygiene solution provider”. We strive to improve and innovate for our mission of “Safeguarding Health‧Cleansing the World”.

We will stay humble and passionate to embrace the challenges and the future.

  • Nov 2022

    Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification - Wastewi$e Certificate Good Level

  • Nov 2022

    CHO - Appreciation Awards 2022 (Company Award)

  • Sep 2022

    Federation of Hong Kong Industries - Caring Certificate (Enterprise Group) 2022

  • Sep 2022

    Employee Retraining Board - Manpower Developer 2020-2022

  • Aug 2022

    Building Management Journal Interview - Your Hygiene Expert

  • Aug 2022

    Hong Kong Brand Development Council - Hong Kong Premier Service Brand Award 2022-2023

Customer Feedback

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